Welcome to Organix Herbal Supplements, the providers of our nations oldest cannabis infused supplements!

In 2005, we began offering our blends of healing herbs from Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and of course, right here in the Golden State, to qualified patients. Our formulas are designed to maximize the therapeutic effects of some of our planets oldest healing herbs, with the goal of providing effective, long lasting relief.

Our formulas are derived from ingredients both grown locally, and sourced from local farms to ensure quality, and the sustainability of small California farms.

We always endeavor to embody the letter and spirit of the Compassionate Use Act, our supplements represent our dedication to provide patients the highest quality for the best value.

Join us in determining which of our formulas work best for you.  We look forward to being your partners in health and wellness!

The Staff at Organix Herbal Supplements

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